1. Submission
We submit foreign works to multiple publishers on daily basis through various platforms including newsletter, emails etc. We provide weekly newsletter to our members. Our newsletter introduce newest titles from US, UK, German and China .

2. Inquiry
Upon your inquiry, we promptly check the rights status for each country via e-mail or phone calls. When rights are confirmed, we provide the reading copy or e-file for the review.

3. Offer
If you would like to make an offer after the review, please kindly fill out our offer sheet form and send to us via e-mail. If you have any further question, please get in touch with us. And we will follow up guidelines for the terms, and take care of next procedures until the agreement is concluded.

4. Processing contracts and Royalty Reports
From proceeding contracts, payment, publication, royalty reports, to termination and renewals, we manage each and every step efficiently.

1) We send contracts to the publisher with invoice.
2) With signing on the contract, publisher shall send us payment indicated on the invoice.
3) The publisher shall make royalty report once or twice a year as per the contract.
5) At the end of contract term, we discuss renewal with the publisher. If we don’t receive response at this point, we re-check with the publisher at every royalty report periods.

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